Space Engine Systems Engine Testing

Space Engine Systems (SES) has tested its highly-efficient heat exchanger under high thermal loads. The heat exchanger is critical to enhanced performance of the DASS GNX propulsion system in air-breathing mode. It cools the high temperature air being fed into conventional turbojet and increases its performance capabilities. The heat transfer is further improved by use of metallic nanoparticles. Nanoparticles have shown to improve heat transfer rates by greater than 38%. The SES heat exchanger is capable of removing 3.9 MW of heat in under 11 milliseconds and is manufactured using state of the art metal additive manufacturing technique.

The video shows several stages of a typical engine test. The pictures show the tested heat exchanger and the additively manufactured heat exchanger.

The next phase of testing will involve 60,000 lbs (267 kN) thrust engines. This multifuel engine uses liquid hydrogen, Jet-A fuel and metallic nanoparticles as solid fuel.

Tested heat exchanger and the additively manufactured heat exchanger Testing Facility
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