Space Engine Systems Completes Preliminary Material Testing – March 24, 2017

Space Engine Systems’ DASS engine technology (patent pending) utilizes multiple fuels to achieve efficient propulsion from rest to hypersonic speeds in an environmentally friendly manner. The focus of the company is the development of DASS GNX propulsion system to power a reusable single-stage-to-orbit vehicle and DASS GN1 propulsion system to power hypersonic cruise vehicle. To demonstrate this technology, a ground testing facility which can simulate the high-temperature and high-altitude air conditions that occur after the supersonic intake is under development. The facility is highly modular and can easily be adapted for many applications.

SES has in-house capabilities to study effects of very high-temperatures and extreme thermal cycling.

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The facility includes an engine air blower and pre-heater along with all necessary instrumentation and control systems to vary and record engine performance. The engine air blower system is capable of providing required flow rate and pressure boost to simulate the full range of flight conditions. The engine air pre-heater system provides the high-temperature flows experienced at high Mach numbers. The testing facility is also capable of injecting conventional jet fuel, solid nanoparticle fuel, and liquid hydrogen to test the effects of multi-fuel combustion on conventional and specialized engines. With access to a 9000-gallon liquid hydrogen tank, Space Engine Systems is capable of testing small and large scale applications.

Within the aerospace industry the test facility can be used to study:

The test facility can also be used in other industries to understand the:

Space Engine System is ISO 9001 and AS9100C compliant, ensuring the highest quality of manufacturing and testing while providing complete traceability on all components.

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