Multi-fuel Air Breathing Test Facility for Aerospace & Space – October 16, 2016

Space Engine Systems Inc. is building the world’s first Full Scale Multi-fuel test facility for air breathing engines. This test facility will test combined multi-fuel in off the shelf air breathing engines with liquid hydrogen, jet fuel, and nano-particles of boron under full scale testing with the state of the art lightest and most efficient heat exchanger and afterburner for aerospace and space applications. The combination of these fuels has never been done in an air breathing engine until to date except by Space Engine Systems Inc. The technologies are patent pending at this time. The final full scale testing of the DASS GN1 Supersonic engine – 30 kms altitude (Aerospace) will be completed by Q1 2017. The DASS GNX for Space applications with stored oxygen under full load are on schedule for the later part of 2018.

The Dass GN1 and DASS GNX engines will be simulated for both 30 kms altitude and for full scale high thrust space applications.

Space Engine Systems Inc. has finalized the design for their full scale multi-fuel test facility to evaluate the DASS GN1 air-breathing engine under full load testing. The current design operates in a direct-connect configuration and uses a custom-build 5 MW heat exchanger to preheat the inlet air. The facility will produce simulated flight conditions up to Mach 3.2 at an altitude of 30 kms for the mid-size DASS GN1 air-breathing engine. Minor facility upgrades are planned to achieve Mach 5 simulated conditions. The DASS GN1 heat exchanger cools the inlet air such that it can be processed through a standard turbojet with an afterburner. The test facility is planned for operation in early 2017.

Space Engine Systems may also consider to undertake subcontract work at this facility to others who may be interested to test liquid hydrogen, solid fuel, and other fuels for air breathing engines when not being used for our own application.

Released by:
Pradeep Dass
President & CTO

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