Propulsion Technologies Testing Facility Spin-Offs

Ground Testing Facility

The air breathing engine multi fuel testing facility is required to test the engine with multi-fuel combustion. It is also designed to simulate various Mach numbers up to Mach 3.2 at an altitude of 30 km

The ground testing facility is the first multi-fuel test facility for air breathing engines in the world. This test facility will provide off the shelf air breathing engines with liquid hydrogen, jet fuel, and metallic nano particles.

The facility operates in a direct-connect configuration and preheats the inlet air to those seen in supersonic engines. The facility will produce simulated flight conditions up to Mach 3.2 at an altitude of 30 km for the DASS GN1 air-breathing engine. With minor facility upgrades, the facility can achieve Mach 5 simulated conditions at an altitude of 30 km.

Piping Dewar Outside Testing